JPM Media Pty Ltd acquired APNBIG and its publications and electronic directory services, with the vision to be the first choice for niche publication and information services for Australian directory advertising and information marketplace. This will be achieved through the delivery of world class advertising publications and products, unparalleled customer service and innovative technologies.
JPM Media Pty Ltd offers Australia's directory and niche market advertisers a high-quality alternative to the current directory and classified advertising market. JPM Media has a very high level of industry experience, know-how, within Australia's urban and regional markets. The founding directors have more than 30 years experience in directory and business development JPM Media Pty Ltd has set the path to achieve its vision by establishing an executive management team, with significant experience in the directory advertising business and industry expertise. The executive team derives its experience from the directory and business marketplace within Australia, Asia as well as global directory and newspaper publishers.

In January 2007 JPM Media Pty Ltd launched its Albury/Wodonga sales campaign for its new and innovative local classified pages, SuperPages. Subsequently, ShopLocal Pages has now join forces with the established SuperPages brand to deliver dircectories that are more community focused than ever. Not producing directories because of area code, SuperPages produces directories that focus on shopping patterns, delivering the user what they want to see not what they are told see. For more information visit